A few more kilometres on, we came to our first big “WOW” moment of the day which was our first sighting of Stony Bay.

Prior to this, the road had headed inland through bush and away from the coastline and coming out into an elevated clearing from previously having native bush on both sides of the road, we hadn’t realised how high we were.

The view before winding down into Stony Bay itself was awesome.

The bay is a hidden gem, a piece of paradise, so flawless and unspoilt. Obviously as it’s place name suggests, it is a stony bay but with pristine, crystal clear sparkling water. There was an abundance of driftwood on the beach which added to the overall textures of the land and seascape. Adorning the beach was a large driftwood heart that someone artistic had very cleverly created – very cool.

The Dept of Conservation campground was really lovely as it was spread out and split leveled, offering a variety of camping spots including one bach that sleeps 5. The toilet facilities looked fairly new and modern as well. There were just a handful of campers at the site today plus a lovely super-friendly duck who came and said hello while we were taking some photos and video footage.

Stony Bay is the start or end (whichever direction you choose to go) for the Coromandel Walkway. This walkway between Fletcher and Stony Bays is 10 kilometres long and takes approximately 6 hrs return (or less depending on fitness levels). Check out www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/coromandel/places/northern-coromandel/things-to-do/coromandel-walkway There is a Dept of Conservation tent campsite at the other end of the walkway (Fletcher Bay) at which there is also backpacker accommodation.

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