Coromandel to Waikawau Bay.

There are 2 ways to get there one going through Colville which seemed a little longer on the map and one via Kennedy Bay.

We were intending to cover both of the routes either arriving, or departing, from Waikawau Bay so headed North East on the road to Kennedy Bay. As soon as you turn off, it is a gravel road winding up and over a ridge down into a valley before passing by Kennedy Bay.

Very few cars on this road!

The gravel road was damp from the previous rain which was good as very little loose gravel. I enjoyed this ride as I had never been on this very remote side of Coromandel Peninsula – amazing isolated beaches, flagged by a handful of houses/baches – a very remote part of NZ, no dairies, cafes, or petrol stations out here!.

Waikawau Bay has a campground, a couple of houses and a nearby eco-community settlement. The campground being the largest Department of Conservation campground in NZ. The beach is a long sandy surf beach and is not as affected by the tides unlike the Western side of the Peninsula. The only access to the beach is via the camp ground.